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    Black Belt Ranking - World Martial Arts Ranking Association - WMARA

The Martial Arts Leaders that have endorsed the World Martial Arts Ranking Association and have agreed to endorse you as being a legitimate part of the martial arts, are the most revered and honoured men in the industry. It is through their efforts that your lineage in the martial arts has been possible. Many of these pioneers of American Martial Arts are no longer living, which makes their endorsement even more valuable and impossible to obtain.

• Steve Armstrong – American Okinawa Isshin-Ryu, Judo, • J. Pat Burleson – American Karate – Boxing – 1st National Karate Champion,  • Jim Harrison – Karate – AikiJutsu – Judo – Kickboxing, • Dr. Maung Gyi – Burma – Bando • Joe Lewis - Okinawan Karate – 1st US Kickboxer, • Gene Le Bell – Boxing – Wrestling – Karate – Judo, • Edmond Parker – Father of American Kenpo,  • Jhoon Goo Rhee – Father of American Tae Kwon Do • Allen Steen – American Karate, • Robert Trias – Father of American Martial Arts, • Bob Wall – Okinawan Martial Arts – Tang Soo Do – Ju-Jutsu, • Bill Wallace – Karate – Boxing – Kickboxing.

ALL INSTRUCTORS MUST supply working with children check number or State/Territory  equivalent in Australia.

WMARA is non political and open to all legitimate martial artists independent or from organizations.

For Information, Enquiries & Application form Email:

Nick Donato  Australian Representative WMARA along with copy of current certificate to:

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