Punch Parkinson's @ The PIT

Non-Contact Boxing & Fitness

We cater for early on-set Parkinson's. Great for those that really still don't want or need anyone to know. We will teach you how to box and understand how your body moves and works, so you have more control over your positive fitness lifestyle.



Membership to The Pit @ $5 (annually) + $8 per session.

Session times

  • Wednesday 10.30 – 11.30 am

We are proud to have supported and subsided 'Parkinson's Wellness Macarthur' in its first 2 years.


About Parkinson's: 


  • ​The cause is still unknown and still no cure!

  • It is the second most common neurodegenerative condition behind Dementia

  • 10-20% of diagnoses are for people under 50, often under 40 years old

  • Symptoms vary but it affects movement, mood, sleep, speech, decision-making and socialising ability… plus others

  • Medication is available and effective to a point.

  • It works on the ‘use it or lose it’ principle.

  • Correct, regular, challenging exercise programs can lessen symptoms.

  • Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to adapt to injury/disease by re-organising and forming new neural connections or pathways. These pathways help lessen symptoms and can even protect the cells. 

EXERCISE is crucial to help preserve brain function and slow symptom progression 

Boxing Gloves

Why Boxing: 

  • Research supports forceful, repetitive, complex exercise to lessen symptoms 

  • NON-CONTACT BOXING has been shown to have these positive effects

    • Builds strength and endurance

    • Improves speed, accuracy, balance and posture 

    • Develops agility, coordination and confidence 

    • Encourages independence and voice projection 

    • Challenges cognition, memory and fine motor skills 

    • Emphasises teamwork and comradery/social connection 

    • IT’S FUN!

  • People with Parkinson’s are in the fight of their life!

  • Alleviate Boredom

All participants must have a medical clearance before joining