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Excellent for Teens Studying Sport Science @ School!


Sessions: Wed 6-7pm with Master Gatt (more that 35 years' experience, teaching, training & coaching)

Booking need to be made by Tues 30th April to commence 9-week course on  

Wednesday, 8th May - 3rd July      Cost: $175 includes m'ship, tee, drink bottle & very small group -individual program coaching.

Paired with good nutrition, we know physical activity is a key factor in maintaining mental wellbeing.

When we exercise, blood flow and nerve connections increase to our brain, and our brain stimulates happy chemicals like endorphins and serotonin.

As a result, we experience:

>reduced depression and anxiety symptoms 

>improved mood

>clarity of thought and attention

>increased productivity

>improved memory

>better sleep quality

This program not only provides Teens with a quality strength program, but also teaching them the tools so they can use any gym safely.



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