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Your little one wants to be a Mat Ninja???

We have 3 spots left in our Saturday 10 - 10:30am Class which start on Saturday, 14th Oct and finishes on Saturday, 16th December.

We have 4 spots left in our Tuesday afternoon class which start on Tuesday, 10th Oct and runs through to Tuesday, 12th December.

Please email us:

Mat Ninjas 3-5 years - Bookings Essential

Taking bookings for Mat Ninjas Term 4 NOW

Bookings Essential - no more than 10 per session

  • Non-stop Fun and Learning.

  • Basic fundamental physical activity and fitness.

  • Age appropriate Martial Art skills development.

Classes develop the core skills of:

  • Physical movement

  • Safe falling

  • Jumping

  • Balance

  • Contact awareness.

  • Age appropriate self-defence

  • Age appropriate stranger danger discussions

Balance and Posture – For many 3-6-year-olds, one of the skills sets that is often overlooked, but needs constant work and attention is balance and posture… basic skills necessary for almost any activity. Poor posture leads to cramped organs, improper breathing, and a whole host of other unhealthy bodily expressions.

They will gain better concentration, self-confidence and good team play and socialization skills in a game structured environment filled with fun and laughter. Give them a kick start with active movement and community values in a mind & body positive environment with Instructors that have taught children for more than 25 years.

We have adult Instructors with more than 30 years' experience teaching these classes for quality skills' development.

Please Note: The purpose of these classes is to teach skills, not discipline poor behaviour. Children need to be able follow & listen to instructions. Parents are required to stay and support them.


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