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Small group having fun, getting fit and meeting new friends.


  • Develop your mind, your body and street smarts that will help control your world with confidence.

  • The challenge of learning skills (speedball, pad work, floor to ceiling ball, punching bags, Shields etc.) in a unique, exciting and safe atmosphere is great for your health and confidence.

  • We take bookings and run course, programs, seminars and lectures for private groups, functions and events.

Advantages of Ladies Self Defence & Kickboxing Club:

  • Complete body workout

  • A great stress buster

  • Increased Coordination

  • Improves confidence

  • Self Defence

  • Better Posture and Flexibility

  • It's a great combination of boxing, martial arts and aerobics blended together to produce an impactful cardiovascular workout.

  • It is a full body workout, core muscle groups to the small muscle groups.

  • >>>Every class is different - Your class workouts will cover:

  • Striking

  • Kicking

  • Hand techniques

  • Kicking techniques

  • Drill work skill sets on the punching bags

  • Focus mitts

  • Shield work

  • Overall body fitness, strength & flexibility

  • Confidence, self-respect

  • All classes are taught in an environment that is tech free & calm. Students are able to learn to focus and find stillness

  • You will learn to breath and understand breath management and the benefits it has with anxiety, depression, moods and feelings

  • You will learn how to connect their mind & body and the importance it has in everyday life.

  • No one is anyone's punching bag here!

  • We foster the attributes of Spirit, Courage, Loyalty & Devotion in all of our members. Life is not easy so building resilience, overtime will empower them to proudly strive to live a quality life enjoying all their goals & dreams.


Private Training Available

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL 48 HOURS IN ADVANCE to save disappointment.



We conduct workshops for Companies, small business, community groups, friends & family at the PIT. Happy to visit your workplace or venue.
Bookings Essential.


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