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50+ Active Seniors Classes at The PIT



Where age is a requirement, a youthful outlook is essential & a positive approach to Health and Wellbeing is Priority.

Our Flexible & Fabulous members enjoyed live filming this year with Daniel Doddy from Channel 10 - "Legends."

My name is Ell, I have been a resident of the Macarthur all of my life and just like you I have watched our quiet country area grow and develop. These days it is a little harder to keep track of life, events, activities and friends due to the current pace of the world and the many ways we are now able to receive information.

I have been working with people of all ages from many walks of life for the past 30years. Now in my fabulous fifties, I find myself extremely passionate and driven to assist, encourage and inspire all Seniors to enjoy the best retirement has to offer. I can’t explain how excited I am working with and alongside the Seniors of our community.

I am aware and have witnessed, for many Seniors the so called rest and relax, enjoy yourself years are difficult, worrying and can cause much anxiety. For the most part these feelings started as a smaller issue and due to no resolve, poor or lack of communication or simply not the care required have grown to be quite a consuming burden that can exhaust a person which in turn can effect one's health which leads to decreased participation in activities and socialization. All these factors then start to deteriorate ones physical health thus ones personal independence and dignity can be challenged so then stubbornness sets in. Our Seniors are of a generation that have had to dig deep in tough times and have done so without complaint, but unfortunately to age gracefully, at times you do need to ask for help. Yes, you may have a wonderful network of friends or family, but sometimes it is just nice to know that there is actually a committed team that honours your happiness and existence and desires to make a positive difference in your golden years.


Please help our team keep all Seniors proactive in life and the community to maximize socialization.


All our classes are a part of our COTA 'Living Longer Living Stronger' Series designed to tick everyones exercise choices!

Cota 'Living Longer, Living Stronger' Program' @ the PIT

Council on the Ageing NSW empowers people through advocacy and information

to create an age-inclusive NSW.

Only Location in the Macarthur

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This is for people 50 years and above, or those that enjoy a more relaxed approached to fitness or those looking to get back into fitness gently with all the benefits. Enjoy a blend of Cardio activity, a weight program, useful Self Defence,         Tai Chi Style relaxation, rehab bands, fit ball exercises and lots of laughs…

It is a kick back approach to stay fit, healthy and mentally relaxed.

Active Seniors – Stronger Bones, Longer Life program

Tai Chi, Qigong, Meditation & Tai Chi Sword

Class Cost: $10 (Mondays & Wednesdays)

Yang Style Tai Chi, Qigong for better Health Balance, Strength & Whole Body Harmony

Reduce stress and develop good health internal happiness and a sense of calmness

in your life through the ancient Chinese art of Tai Chi.

Yang style is one of the most popular styles taught throughout the world.

With its medically proven life enhance benefits.

This is something you can take with you anywhere and forever.

Specially designed to transcend the participant into a relaxed state of mind through the

eastern methods and techniques of relaxation and meditation breathing and

visualization techniques after involving your whole core body in an invigorating strength

and stretch routine which brings your mind and body together as one.




Elderly Woman at Gym

50+ Seniors Casual Gym Fitness & Better Balance (Mondays)

Cost: $10

This class is an individual &/or buddy PT session, working on all areas of fitness that interest you. We work with your limitations and travel with you through the workout that is tailored to your needs. Heaps of variety, varied fitness levels, helping you to reach your goals, not ours. No need to book, just turn up as often as you like. We understand you have a busy lifestyle to balance. Great session to workout, chat and catch up with friends.

Gym Strength Fitness & Better Balance - Circuit Class (Wednesdays)

Cost: $10

Gym Fitness & Better Balance Posture Circuit:

This class is a group circuit session comprising alternating activities of weight-bearing exercises, cardio exercises and evolving balanced challenging exercises, targeting individual goals.

This is aimed at those seniors who have been mildly active or have done/doing Tai Chi or a Stepping On style program looking for more - are keen to get fitter with personal desires of more independence, better balance & a confident functional lifestyle Eg, Gardening & Socializing.

The class offers exciting variety for varying fitness levels, plus the extra educational coaching to stay safe and fit at home with ongoing support networking with other businesses supporting proactive Seniors.

50+ Boxing, Strength & Fitness Session (Tuesdays 11 - 11:40am)

Cost: $10

As you age, it's important to stay physically active. Boxing is an exciting sport that helps you maintain and even improve your physical ability. When you train for boxing, you strengthen the muscles of your upper body, such as your chest, shoulders and triceps that help you punch. Your legs get stronger because they develop the power for your punches.

Boxing is a fast-moving sport, and you need to react quickly to dodge and throw punches. Training as a boxer will improve your reflexes and hand-eye coordination. You'll also improve your ability to balance because boxers need to maintain their center of gravity to throw effective punches.

Even those with from age-related diseases, like Parkinson's, can get in on the action.


Personal Programs (Tues & Wed Morning)

Awesome if you are looking for a personal program. We will look at doing an assessment once you have settled in to our classes and wish to add an extra personal push!

Initial Assessment $40 (45mins)

Session Cost: $10


Personal exercise programs to help older adults improve their physical strength and fitness. It is a progressive training program designed to improve strength, balance, coordination and endurance.


As well as increasing strength, other likely benefits of the program include:

* Improved balance

* Increased mobility

* reduced risk of falls

* preventing or managing arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes and heart disease

* speeding up recovery from illness

* reducing lower back pain

* improved ability to undertake daily living tasks

* opportunities for social interaction

* Improvement in self-esteem and mental well-being

Don't forget Flexicore Yoga

on Tuesdays @ 9:30am

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Activities and Gatherings



Facebook/Longevity Senior Services
Updates posted on Facebook as they happen, and also published in the next Bi-monthly newsletter or special editions.



Access to our services requires Seniors to register. Cost is $10 annually. We need you to complete a registration form and a questionnaire. This will enable us to assist you to the best of our ability and connect you to all you are interested in.


We have so much ground to cover and are super excited for all the goodies to follow. But don’t forget it is your input and feedback that is vital.

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If you or a family member have had a fall, this might be a great program to start building your confidence back.
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Looking for answers...
Dr Mark Hohenberg offers a holistic approach to the management and treatment of conditions for the elderly. ... Dr Mark Hohenberg is a highly trained specialist ...
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to access the Active & Health
listing for classes in NSW

Thank you to David Wilson for making this publication a reality


I have been working with David over the past 2 years to help keep our Seniors  informed and up to date with the latest changes and developments in pharmaceutical care and home delivery services.

David is extremely passionate about this venture as I am.

Please don’t hesitate to contact his team regardless of where you live.

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