Longevity Active Seniors 50+ Club 

Where age is a requirement, a youthful outlook is essential & a positive approach to Health and Wellbeing is Priority

Our Group Travels once a month. (Never in school holidays) You are always welcome to join us.

These are small group outings only 25 passengers per trip.

***The November Outing is reserved firstly for those that have supported the outing's throughout the year.

2020 Travel Dates:

Destinations  still to be finalised

Wednesday, 18th March

Wednesday, 27th May

Wednesday, 17th June

Wednesday, 12th August

Wednesday, 16th September

Wednesday, 18th November


Call Nick or Ell on 0414 47 8383

or email: pdsmartialarts@gmail.com for bookings & details

All trips with bonus discoveries, great food, sensational friendship, lots of laughs and a tonne of fun!

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