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Longevity Active Seniors 50+ Club 

Where age is a requirement, a youthful outlook is essential & a positive approach to Health and Wellbeing is Priority

Dear Longevity Senior Services – 50+ Club Members,

We hope this finds you well.

The last 12 months have redefined direction for us all. We reached out via email several times to all our members to keep in contact and be a point of support.

In 2021, we have wonderful members that enjoy the variety of classes we offer @ the PIT and other locations who are progressing really well. But there are many of you that we have not heard from, so we take this opportunity to say ‘Hello’ and check-in and ask if you are ‘OK?’

After all the fun and games of 2020, we have decided that Longevity Senior Services – 50+ Club needs to focus on the fitness, health, and mental           well-being for our members through our classes and information sessions. Bus trips and random out-and-about activities will be an extension for the members of these programs only.


Congratulations to the PIT Crew who teach, train, and support our 50+ Members. (Master Donato, Mrs. Winters, Mrs. Fitzpatrick & Patricia). This 'Active Aging' listing is the first-ever of its kind for the Camden Council Community. We are also the only supplier in the Macarthur of COTA (Council on the Ageing) Fitness & Strength Program 'Living Longer Living Stronger'. Great work empowering independence, social interaction, functional lifestyle fitness, and mobility in a carefree environment through programs delivered with respect and dignity in a Non-gym setting. Thank you again for your passion.









Call Nick or Ell on 0414 47 8383

or email: for bookings & details

All trips with bonus discoveries, great food, sensational friendship, lots of laughs and a tonne of fun!

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Fitness Classes & Tai Chi

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Longevity Gallery

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