Longevity Active Seniors 50+ Club 

Where age is a requirement, a youthful outlook is essential & a positive approach to Health and Wellbeing is Priority

Our Group Travels once a month. (Never in school holidays) You are always welcome to join us.

These are small group outings only 25 passengers per trip.

***The November Outing is reserved firstly for those that have supported the outing's throughout the year.

2021 Travel Dates:


We are waiting to see what 2021 brings.

Our member's safety and mental health

is our number 1 priority.




Call Nick or Ell on 0414 47 8383

or email: pdsmartialarts@gmail.com for bookings & details

All trips with bonus discoveries, great food, sensational friendship, lots of laughs and a tonne of fun!

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