Ell Gatt Master Instructor

100%, first and foremost I am an Educator. I want all my clients & students to be high on LIFE!

In a 24 hour time span, I have the honour of working with great people from the age of 3yrs to 97yrs.

It has taken me more than 30 years of study & experience to be the teacher I am today and I love it!

  • Justice of the Peace - JP

  • Dual World Champion - Tae Kwon Do 1994

  • Many State & National Titles (Full contact, Semi-Contact, Point Fighting, Kata, Ring Karate, Pro League, ITF & WTF Tae Kwon Do)

  • Stunt Double for Cynthia Rothrock  - Martial Arts Spectacular Sydney Entertainment Centre

  • Over 30yrs Experience.

  • Currently teaching, training & assisting clients from the age of 3yrs through to 96yrs young

  • Lifestyle, Health and wellbeing Coordinator

  • Discreet Life Winning Solutions

  • Master Instructor - 4 Martial Arts

  • Registered Exercise Professional

  • Personal Trainer / Gym Instructor ID: 094247

  • Aqua Instructor

  • Nutrition & Dietetics

  • Sport Psychology

  • Cross Fitness Coach

  • Australian Martial Arts Team Coach 2007

  • Allied health professional

  • Founder Longevity Benefits Senior Services

  • Stepping On Falls Prevention Facilitator

  • Exercise to Prevent Falls in Older Adults (NRA)

  • Active Aging Partnership - (Musculoskeletal Aust)

  • Tai Chi for Health & Falls Prevention -  (EMA)

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