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Ell Gatt Master Instructor

100%, first and foremost I am an Educator. I want all my clients & students to be high on LIFE!

In a 24 hour time span, I have the honour of working with great people from the age of 3yrs to 97yrs.

It has taken me more than 36 years of study & experience to be the teacher I am today and I love it!

  • Justice of the Peace - JP

  • Dual World Champion - Tae Kwon Do 1994

  • Many State & National Titles (Full contact, Semi-Contact, Point Fighting, Kata, Ring Karate, Pro League, ITF & WTF Tae Kwon Do)

  • Performed with Cynthia Rothrock - Martial Arts Spectacular Sydney Entertainment Centre

  • Over 36yrs Experience.

  • Currently teaching, training & assisting clients from the age of 3yrs through to 96yrs young

  • Lifestyle, Health and wellbeing Coordinator

  • Discreet Life Winning Solutions

  • Master Instructor - 4 Martial Arts

  • Registered Exercise Professional

  • Personal Trainer / Gym Instructor ID: 094247

  • Children's Training 5-17yrs - TAFE

  • Aqua Instructor

  • Nutrition & Dietetics

  • Sport Psychology

  • Cross Fitness Coach

  • Australian Martial Arts Team Coach 2007

  • Allied health professional

  • Founder Longevity Benefits Senior Services

  • Stepping On Falls Prevention Facilitator

  • Healthy & Active Life Facilitator

  • Exercise to Prevent Falls in Older Adults (NRA)

  • Active Aging Partnership - (Musculoskeletal Aust)

  • Tai Chi for Health & Falls Prevention -  (EMA)

  • Australian Ambassador for Sports Karate Museum

  • Inducted 2022 AMAM Hall of Honors Book

  • TAFE 2022 Children's Training Movement Programs 

  • Inducted 2023 American Martial Arts Alliance Foundation Martial Arts Women Hall of Honors

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Ell Gatt with 1st BB Student.jpg

Hello Master Gatt,

My son enjoyed reading your Competition stories thank you so much for sharing some of your life’s journey with us. I know he has great respect for you and appreciates the skills, knowledge and experience you have shared with him throughout the years. Reading these stories has given him a feeling of pride in knowing you and being one of your students. You lead and inspire with such passion and support for the individual we are so happy you are in his life.

He is looking forward to returning inside the Dojo, although I know the outside Dojo experiences have been good lessons and important in his development, improving his ability to adapt, accept changes that at first are uncomfortable but help to build his resilience and confidence. Your words regarding what is gained from his instructors is so very true. We as a family have seen, felt and experienced the many positive and life changing behaviours and influence these skills, the knowledge, mentoring, support and the many other gifts you have all shared with him.

Thank you all for your amazing efforts throughout all of this, your support and the continuation of classes has been invaluable, providing My son with some routine in a comfortable and safe setting during an anxious time. It has helped to maintain his physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, and we are very grateful to you all.

Many thanks
Kris                                                                                                                                                                                 June 2020

I have to say Master Gatt, if it wasn't for you believing in me before I did, i wouldn't be where I am in my training. I am truly thankful for your honesty, integrity and guidance. This is why I love training at The Pit. Adam                                     May 2020

You’ve had such a huge impact on so many lives. Can’t imagine you doing anything else.    Nicole                            May 2020

The passion you have is golden and that in itself teaches your students valuable life lessons. Natalie                        May 2020

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