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Karate / Tae Kwon Do, Self Defence & Fitness


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Kwon Bop Do Martial Arts:

​​This is the most popular Martial Arts studied at The PIT-Personal Defence Studios.


This art of study consists of 70% upright skills (Tae Kwon Do / Karate / Kickboxing / Boxing & Weaponry) & 30% Ground skills (Ju Jitsu / MMA)

Develop Skills:

  • Hand techniques

  • All Kicking techniques

  • realistic self-defence applications (we guarantee our teachings)

  • Passive and aggressive styles of realistic self defence

  • Weapons defence (age appropriate)

  • Drill work skill sets on the punching bags

  • Focus mitts

  • Shield work

  • Overall body fitness, strength & flexibility

  • A good knowledge of human movement & body mechanics (many of our high school students excel at sport science subjects, leading to careers in fields such as: Physiotherapy, Health & Exercise Professionals)

  • Fight science in the boxing ring and on the mats for starters

  • Cyber Safety Program included

  • Stranger Danger Awareness training included

  • Anti bullying, socialization development & conflict resolution skills

  • Confidence, self-respect & self-discipline

  • All classes are taught in an environment that is tech free & calm. Students are able to learn to focus and find stillness

  • They will learn to breath and understand breath management and the benefits it has with anxiety, depression, moods and feelings

  • They will learn how to connect their mind & body and the importance it has in everyday life.

  • We foster the attributes of Spirit, Courage, Loyalty & Devotion in all of our members. Life is not easy so building resilience, overtime will empower them to proudly strive to live a quality life enjoying all their goals & dreams.


Click here for more information on Mat Ninjas (3-5yrs) & Junior Classes

Tuesday 4:30 - 5:00pm classes during school terms only. (Beginners)

Saturdays 10 -10:30am classes during school terms only. (Beginners)

Saturdays 10:30 -11:00am classes during school terms only. (Advanced)

Private Training Available

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Personal Defence Studios Pty Ltd is an approved Active Kids Provider. Find out how to claim your $100 voucher in the link below.

See class times at our regional centres

The Pit HQ
Smeaton Grange
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St Marys
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