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2021 - We start in party mode as the PIT Venue celebrates 10 years - another wonderful part of the Personal Defence Studios journey

2020 has kicked off with a bang in more ways than 1, but we have powered through

  • In May, Ingleburn High School Staff booked us for a Tai Chi & Meditation Session to help them prepare for the return of the school students.

  • In March, We had Living Legend Ajarn Chai visit us again for seminar 2

  • Now looking forward to delivering all our classes and courses as scheduled

  • We learnt and successfully conducted zoom classes + teaching online, what a learning curve.

  • We have increased our overall strength & fitness with our daily workouts.

  • We perfected our outdoor training & PT’s in all weather conditions

  • We added the humble pool noodle to our box of training aides.

  • Kids learned risk management skills when building training circuits.

  • We introduced ‘Dragon Balm’ pain relief rub for sale to our essential oils product range.

  • Blackbelts completed their annual CPR training and then took their competitive streaks to the track at Ultimate Karting, Smeaton Grange

  • We have advanced in our coloured ranks across all 3 martial art systems.

  • We have new 1st Degree Blackbelts

  • We have new 2nd Degree Blackbelts

  • We have new 3rd Degree Blackbelts

  • We have many new great members

  • We have won awards in London

  • And once again the PIT has provided a safe place for all members to grow & be themselves.

2019 proved to be a bigger busier year. The PIT Crew was busy out and about.

  • We had Living Legend Ajarn Chai visit us for a seminar

  • Blackbelts enjoyed their training camp down the South Coast

  • Our 50+ programs were published in the NSW Health Professionals magazine 'Thrive'

  • We were a part of the 'Staying Active' Health Promotion Initiative

  • We launched our first FREE 'Longevity, Strength & Stability' program for members 60+ in the Macarthur Community proudly supported by Medacta

  • Assisted Camden Council's CAFE Connect project teaching Tai Chi & Meditation at their events.

  • Trialled NSW Health 'Health & Active Life' Program which being successful, is being launched in 2020

  • We become the only Facilitators in the Macarthur to offer the COTA (council on the ageing) 'Strength for Life Program for our 50+ members

  • We increased our 50+ members program from 1day per week to 4 days.

  • Facilitated many 'Stepping On Groups' in the Macarthur

2018 was such a great year for The Pit, we were involved in the following:

  • Guest Speaker Luncheon for the Longevity Club members & their friends with Orthopaedic Surgeon ‘Dr Mark Fleming’,

  • 2 NEW Tai Chi, Qigong & Meditation classes out in the Community - Our Longevity 50+ Clubs - more active everyday!

  • Stepping On @ Myrtle Cottage - Excellent results working with our Seniors on Falls Prevention

  • Buddies Not Bullies School Program - We are now working on permanent in school program @ Spring Farm Public School

  • Coaching students in Street Defence through the

  • Hype program @ Elizabeth Macarthur High in conjunction with MDSI

  • Ladies Health Evening @ Warragamba - Excellent evening and very informative

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