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Dojo Etiquette

The dojo is a sacred place; treat it as such. It is not merely a gym or any old training centre. It should be regarded as a centre of learning where one comes to concentrate whole heartedly in the pursuit of the perfection of spirit & technique.

No one is above the common courtesies expressed in the dojo rules.


When entering or leaving the dojo, always face the centre of the room and bow


When late for class, move to the front of class; wait on the side to be bowed in by the instructor.


Do not remove any part of your uniform during training without being told to do so.


You must were full uniform at all times. A jacket may be replaced with a PDS T-Shirt for training during the summer months only.


Do not eat, chew gum, smoke or drink in the dojo at any time. Water only.


When asked to proceed to a position, or when lining up at the beginning of training or for some reason during training, always move as quickly as possible – do not stroll.


Never practice kumite/free sparring unless an instructor is present. When practicing kumite with a black belt, do your very best, but show respect for their rank.


Do not ask a higher grade for kumite. You should not refuse however, if you are asked by a senior grade.


Do not break rank for any reason without permission from the instructor. Never walk between rows, or between the instructor and those training. If you must leave your position, walk behind the row you are in to either side of class and  proceed from there.


Do not swear, laugh, giggle, talk, lounge or act inattentively during training. Treat your training seriously; it is not a laughing, matter. A martial art student is always alert & well behaved.


Your uniform must be washed clean and neat at all times.


Your belt should be aired dry but never washed, as it symbolically contains the spirit of your hard training.


Listen carefully to the instructor’s directions. Remember that the instructor will not ask you to do what he or she would not do also.


The instructor, whoever it may be, should be treated with respect that you yourself would expect as common courtesy. Martial arts begins & ends with courtesy. If you can not find it in you to show respect to a person who is taking their time to teach you, then you do not belong in a Martial Art class. Never question his/her direction; never speak in class unless asked by the instructor. Such obedience develops a bond of trust between the instructor and student, which improves  mutual receptivity, simplifying and speeding the learning process. There is a deeper reason & meaning for all that you do in training.


For sake of safety and neatness, do not wear jewellery during training or any time when you are wearing your uniform. Keep your fingernails & toenails clean & cut short at all times. Always make sure your feet nails & hands are washed clean before training. In training you often work close with others. No body likes to train with someone who is dirty.


Never use your belt for anything other than its purpose. Put your belt on once you get to class, not before. If you don’t know how to tie it, please ask a black belt, don’t assume. Don’t drag your belt on the floor; it is a sign of disrespect.


Be sure to go to the toilet prior to training. An accidental hit to a full bladder can be extremely dangerous. Try also to remember that it is not good to train on a full stomach, so avoid eating at least an hour before class.


Always contact your instructor if you are unable to attend training. Your progression is vitally important to your instructor. If you can not be bothered to inform him or her you really do need to assess what you are hoping to achieve from your training.

Our centres across the Macarthur region

The Pit HQ
Smeaton Grange
Edensor Park
St Marys

We service; Campbelltown, St Helens Park, Glen Alpine, Menangle, Raby, Varroville, Kearns, Eschol Park, Camden, Kirkham, Cobbitty, Elderslie, Camden South, Cawdor, Bringelly, Rossmore, Catherine Field, Currans Hill, Denham Court, Harrington Park, Mount Annan, Narellan, Leppington, Smeaton Grange, The Oaks, Oakdale, Silverdale & Warragamba.

As our region expands, we welcome the  residents from the new Suburbs of: Grasmere, Gregory Hills, Willowdale, Oran Park, Catherine Park Estate, Arcadian Hills Cobbitty, Spring Farm, Gledswood Hills, Emerald Hills Estate, Edmondson Park. 

We also teach in Liverpool, Wattle Grove, Fairfield, Edensor Park, Penrith & St Marys.

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