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We are celebrating 40years of teaching, training & coaching the community.

Join us on this wonderful journey for all generations.
TERM 2 - classes and programs are ready to kick on!



- Tech FREE training environment

- Consistently cleaned & sanitized equipment


​Teaching premium Martial Arts, Self Defence & Combat Fitness since 1984

So you are not sure what you want to do? But you know YOU want to get FITTER, HEALTHIER & STRONGER and be a part of something big. 



Whatever YOUR goal let US help you achieve it!! Just let us know. Why wait??


All you need is 1 to 2 hours a week and you will be surprised with what will happen. Ask some students who have been training for 3 months or 10, 20 & 30 years and our instructors who are celebrating 30 years of teaching.


The Pit is a diverse Health, Fitness & Wellbeing Centre with a tech free environment and a calm community feel for all generations. In the South West of Sydney, it is the most Traditional in its etiquette & complete teachings and Modern in its sport science & mind and body performance training. We provide training in all the ultimate combat fitness areas and martial arts, a blend of traditional values and the latest sports science.


Feel free to drop into our Head complex in Smeaton Grange to have a look and talk to our friendly staff or call us.


You will be amazed at what we have to offer and what you can achieve. Try your introductory class in all our Arts Kickboxing, Boxing, Ladies, Kids & Seniors  class for $10 and tell us what you think? Then easy flexible payment options to make it simple.            

My Journey as an

Martial Artist


Official book released in Atlantic City 26-28th January 24

Get your copy today.

Available in Harcover, Paperback & Ebook/Kindle

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Master Nick Donato's next book signing event

Tuesday, 4th June @ Eaglevale Library & Leisure Centre.

He is teaching a FREE Self Defence to the community.

The PIT Training Seminars and Highlights

We trained with Don 'The Dragon' Wilson, Sifu Mark Dacascos & Hanshi Richard Norton just to name a few of our highlights.


We trained with Michel Qissi aka 'Tong Po' form the movie kickboxer in March, enjoy teaching many community groups and hosted guest speakers from 
local allied health services.

Tae Kwon Do

Hand techniques, Kicking techniques, realistic self defence and  Weapon defence


Master the Samurai's art of the sword. Learn the weapons Jo, Bokken, Sai and more


Combination of boxing, martial arts and aerobics to produce an impactful cardiovascular workout

Ju Jitsu MMA

Close quarter combat, Throwing, Grappling, Joint Locking, Striking, and Weapon Defence

Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Ju Jitsu, Japanese Weaponry, Tai Chi, Qigong, Meditation, Boxing, Kickboxing,

Flexy Yoga, Fitness Classes & Personal Training

For Men, Women, Children & Older Adults


Personal Defence Studios Pty Ltd is an approved Active Kids Provider. Find out how to claim your $50 voucher in the link below.

Specialist, Professional, Instructional Tuition in all the Combat Arts, Fitness and Well Being

Master Nick Donato celebrates 55 years of Combat Arts in 2023; teaching, coaching & inspiring members of all ages of the Macarthur Community. Being A Martial Arts Instructor has never been his retirement plan or option 2 for earning an income, he is truly driven by imparting the true essence of Martial Arts and so is his dedicated team of highly qualified  Instructors and coaches. The Personal Defence Studios - The PIT is home to a wonderful community of people who are passionate about all the Martial Arts has to offer with big achievements, endless goals and a no quit attitude. Welcome to our world. It is a face to face service we offer so please feel welcome to come along and visit us at any time. In October 2018 he was nominated for  'The Pride of Australia' Award for his service to the community. In August 2019, he won 'Grandmaster of the Year - Australia' (WHFSC)