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  • What type of Martial Arts do you teach?
    At the PIT we teach 5 martial arts with their own identity: Tae Kwon Do Korean Karate (Kwon Bop Do), Japanese Ju Jitsu, Kobu Jutsu, Yang based style Tai Chi, Thai Boxing / International Kickboxing and Boxing
  • What is Kwon Bop Do?
    Kwon Bop Do is Tae Kwon Do which is a Korean style of Martial Arts used for defence, under the lineage of Grandmaster Joe Onopa (1942 - 2010) 10th degree Black belt.
  • Tae Kwon Do – Isn’t that what they do in the Olympics?
    What you see in the Olympics is only one style of Sport Tae Kwon Do W.T.F. (World Tae Kwon Do Federation 1973). The name Tae Kwon Do came into existence in 1955 in an attempt to unify all the different styles of Korean Karate under one common name. Not all joined the W.T.F. or I.T.F. (International Tae Kwon Do Federation 1966) but the various arts are from a 1500 year old fighting tradition used for defence of the country.
  • What type of Ju Jitsu do you teach? Japanese or Brazilian?
    We teach traditional Japanese style Ju Jitsu which is one of the oldest and complete Martial Arts in the world used by Samurai Warriors.
  • Once you reach Black belt aren’t you finished?
    A lot of people believe that once you reach Black belt you have mastered the Art and that is it. That is totally wrong. It is like an apprenticeship. A Black belt is a student who has become a tradesperson, now the student has to become a good tradesperson and then a good knowledgeable master tradesperson. You never stop learning in a true Martial Art and can always improve and become better at what you do.
  • Do you do tournaments?
    We are not sports Martial Art but we do compete in various all style tournaments with great success over the past 30 years of competition.
  • Do the kids train with adults?
    At the full time centre we do have specific children’s classes in some of the different Arts. All of our Martial Art locations are mixed aged classes. This enables children to learn from and deal with a variety of ranks, ages and size differences to enhance their own ability.
  • What age can you start?
    You can start training with us at any age. 6-7 years of age is where children will get the most benefit from training in Martial Arts mainly due to their concentration span. As for adults, well we currently have a student training who is 76 years mature & we have many families participating in all Arts. We now have two ½ hour classes to cater for the growing number of 4-5year olds wishing to learn the basic fundamentals earlier.
  • Does Martial Arts actually teach kids to fight and be more aggressive?
    The physical aspects of Martial Arts such as punching, blocking, kicking etc. are for the development of fitness, strength and self defence, but this is only a small part of a true Art. The purpose is to develop a disciplined humble individual that has respect for others and has the sense to know it is better to avoid confrontations than to create them. All students are different, they all start Martial Arts for different reasons – some lack confidence, we build that in them – some need discipline and control of ego’s etc., which quite often is an escape or expression of the first reason? We develop those students also. Martial arts is for everyone.
  • I haven’t done anything like this before; will I be able to cope?
    A lot of people think they have to be ex amount fit or know ex amount of Martial Arts to begin, you don’t. That’s our job to get you there, all you have to do is take the first step, walk through the door and accept our support and teachings. We have students of all ages, the youngest being 4 yrs of age and our more mature being over 70 yrs young (even some in their 80's in Tai Chi), all with different abilities and life experiences.
  • What is the difference between the 5 Arts you teach at the centre?
    We teach 5 specialized Arts, so there is a style to suit every individual. We will assist you with suggestions to suit your needs but it is a personal choice. It is not about us, it’s all about you. You are welcome to try a complimentary lesson to help you decide which Art or combination of Arts that best suit you. Your reasons could be to study an Art in depth or cross training. You might wish to enhance your overall fitness, strength, flexibility, stamina and general well being whilst belonging.
  • What do we need to do to start?
    All you need to do is fill in a health questionnaire form, tell us what it is you desire and enjoy the journey. Enrolments are taken all throughout the year. There are various options and combinations of tuition fees available from casual to unlimited classes, family discounts, pass cards and combo packages on offer.
  • Do you do PT & what will I gain, achieve and have access to by choosing to become a member of the Personal Defence Studios that makes you different from the rest?"
    Yes, we certainly do have Personal Training. Our ultimate goal is to make sure we deliver on an individual’s goal & dreams whilst also giving the client/student the tools to be able to continue to enjoy their rewards on their own with vital knowledge. Fitness, weight loss, stress release, injury rehabilitation, advance aerobic & anaerobic conditioning for all sports, self defence, stretching & flexibility, mind development & intensive PT’s in all of our Arts for advanced progression. You will have access to two genuine tested, graded and qualified Professional Master Instructors five days a week along with a team of 15 Instructors with various Black belt rankings, all genuinely qualified, tested and graded. The longevity of the Personal Defence Studios is supported with the strength of over 40 active Black belts, which train in all locations, whether they be teaching or training. They will support you in one of the longest and consistent Martial Arts Schools of the South West Region with Master Chief Instructor Principal Mr Nick Donato (50 yrs experience & over 35 yrs as a Professional Martial Artist) you can achieve what ever you desire within the Arts & personal development. Your tuition can be PT, Small groups, Classes & with Friends. You can sink your teeth into unlimited training, workout weekly or even enjoy a high energy course (6 / 8weeks). If competition / tournaments are how you wish to test yourself, we have an excellent success rate in all forms of competition over the past 30 years – State, National & World Titles. Our system, is large enough to conduct interclub competition, but, also humble enough to be a family that goes away camping annually. Our adaptability of combat skills spans from Kickboxing, Thai Boxing, Point Sparring, Full Contact Competition, Ju Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Full Contact Ring Karate, Weapons, Koshiki & Kata. Students that wish to test their skills have full access to all of the Open Martial Arts circuits, because when it comes crunch time, in life, there are no rules when defending ones self or those that you love on the street. Self defence is as much passive as it is aggressive and we teach our members enough awareness skill training so that these situations for the most part can be avoided.
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