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Thank you guys so much for being the best in the business... actually caring about your members and doing everything you could to make this hard time work for everyone.

You guys went above and beyond and for that I say thank you!!

Looking forward to getting back to normal and may the rest of the year be awesome for everyone.

Kind Regards 


Elite Blends                                                                                                                                                                    June 2020


Hello Master Gatt,

My son enjoyed reading your competition stories thank you so much for sharing some of your life’s journey with us. I know he has great respect for you and appreciates the skills, knowledge and experience you have shared with him throughout the years. Reading these stories has given him a feeling of pride in knowing you and being one of your students. You lead and inspire with such passion and support for the individual we are so happy you are in his life. He is looking forward to returning inside the Dojo, although I know the outside Dojo experiences have been good lessons and important in his development, improving his ability to adapt, accept changes that at first are uncomfortable but help to build his resilience and confidence. Your words regarding what is gained from his instructors is so very true. We as a family have seen, felt and experienced the many positive and life changing behaviours and influence these skills, the knowledge, mentoring, support and the many other gifts you have all shared with him. Thank you all for your amazing efforts throughout all of this, your support and the continuation of classes has been invaluable, providing My son with some routine in a comfortable and safe setting during an anxious time. It has helped to maintain his physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, and we are very grateful to you all.

Many thanks

Kris                                                                                                                                                                               June 2020

I have to say Master Gatt, if it wasn't for you believing in me before I did, i wouldn't be where I am in my training. I am truly thankful for your honesty, integrity and guidance. This is why I love training at The Pit. Adam                                     May 2020

Thank you to all our Blackbelts for consistently inspiring us all by simply being who they are.  Shane                        May 2020

Wow, such an inspiration I can’t wait to continue my journey alongside all the talented instructors and students here. Katelyn                                                                                                                                                                          April 2020

Definitely making a wonderful difference to the lives of my three children! I have noticed Every week they learn, they turn up and are more enriched ... thank you wonderful people at The Pit! Your dedication is appreciated.  Nicole R                    April 2020

Thank you and the crew for everything you have done to continue the children’s learning and progress. You are all amazing!   Kristy M                                                                                                                                                                       April 2020

In spite of everything that is happening right now, we have to be positive. Otherwise, we might as well give up and surrender the fight. Don't know what I would do if I didn't have this happy, safe place to go to. I would probably go crazier than I already am. Mick                                                                                                                                                                             April 2020

Thank you for all that you do and all that you bring, it is very much appreciated by all. Elbow Tap.    Emma             April 2020








Tai Chi & Longevity 50+ Fitness & Social


From members, clients & community groups

Thanks Ell for suggesting Dr Hohenberg, he pulled the team of 4 doctors to work together and then rehab.

After having been in 2 different rehabilitation exercise therapies I can only praise you and Nick for your programs, tips and techniques. You are both way ahead of some exercise physiologists in your approaches.

Nick, please keep pushing balance as I have seen some horrible injuries from simple falls.

Robyn   March 2020


The Longevity Senior Services Benefits Programme for the Macarthur Region is proving to be exactly that - Beneficial to people over 50 who are looking to improve their Health and Lifestyle, while making new friends and social connections at the same time..

Starting from small beginnings with Tai Chi and Meditation followed by a social catch up over a cuppa and cake, at The Pit in Smeaton Grange on a Monday, the programme is now extending over the wider Macarthur Community with classes also held in other venues.

The Longevity Seniors Services  now also includes suitable exercise programmes, geared toward the strength and fitness we need, to have quality in our more senior years.

Health Professionals are invited to visit periodically to address issues like joint health, nutrition, good mental health etc. among other topics, and all of these opportunities  are greatly appreciated and increasingly well attended. 

Socially, bus trips monthly are always popular and include  an element of education as well as pleasure.


Personally, I have been involved with this innovative programme from its beginnings and feel blessed  to watch it grow.


Nothing could be better than to see it expand even further for the benefit of our Macarthur Seniors.

Patricia Raisbeck      2019


Tai Chi

In 9 months, I have noticed that the arthritis in my hands is so much better.

Lynne   2019

I have been enjoying Tai Chi for 2 years. I have had great whole body results and I can now meditate. I love the way Master Nick talks to us of his experiences as it provides great insight in to what can be achieved. It is a pleasure to learn from him.

Vicki     2019

I have enjoyed Tai Chi & meditation for nearly 2 years. Everything is explained really well, I am just not good at it! It has been excellent for my fitness and balance, which is important as I just want to stay fit. I hope Nick continues to teach Tai Chi at Wivenhoe Village for many years to come.

Jean    2019

Over a period of 16mths I have notice a huge improvement in joint mobility. My goal is to continue being fit and mobile.

Elizabeth    2019

I have been doing Tai Chi for 10 months. Initially I started for coordination & balance (& remembering!) Over time, I have noticed in my self increased stability and general fitness. Now I'm aiming to develop more skills and a better memory.

Fran      2019

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