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   International Taekwondo Confederation

KONG YOUNG IL TAEKWONDO & TACTICAL DEFENCE SOLUTIONS One is the recognition of Taekwondo practitioners the other is the  certification of Law Enforcement, Military and Security Agencies Internationally.

GM Kong Young Il one of the 12 Originals desire was to bring Korean Karate back to its original purpose of Military and battlefield application  as it was before the creation of the ITF By Gen Choi Hong Hi.

GM Kong Young Il Combat Taekwondo

GM G Ong Combat Taekwondo

GM Rick D Stanford Combat Taekwondo

GM Marty Cale Krav Maga Imi Lichtenfeld

GM AL Farris Mixed Martial Arts

Senior Master Loretta Hallmark ITC

Senior Master Silvio Simac ITC

Senior Master Nick Donato - Australian Representative ITC

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