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(Ben Kan Ryuha)-:

  • Master the Samurai's art of the sword.

  • Learn all the weapons:Jo, Bokken (wooden sword),Sai, Tanto Knife (wooden), Escrima Sticks, Shinai (Bamboo sword),Ken (training Katana sword).

  • Students will gain calmed controlled focus of mind and body.

  • Learn the weapons potential through kata

  • Learn how to defend against that weapon unarmed

  • Learn to use the weapon against a variety of other weapons

  • Become competent in Escrima stick fighting

  • Learn the correct way of the sword and it's ceremony

  • Unlimited gym is included in your package


Private Training Available


Personal Defence Studios Pty Ltd is an approved Active Kids Provider. Find out how to claim your $100 voucher in the link below.

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