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Global Opportunities

Welcome to Global Connections and your International Opportunities.

My name is Master Nick Donato. Over the years I have been fortunate enough to have collaborated and worked with
some of the most recognized elite leaders of the International Martial Arts Industry, I am honoured
and proud to be recognized for my genuine passion and love for Martial Arts as an Australian representative for these organizations.

Many Instructors, Black Belts or Students have either lost their Masters, are Independent or, have walked away from the politics
of some groups. Would you like to belong and have the opportunity to legitimately advance in Rank with recognition plus the chance to travel and participate at a global level... If this is your situation and wish to change it, this is an opportunity to open new doors...

As you can see, I have access to many wonderful connections - fantastic colleagues and credible organizations that could play a part in your future martial arts journey.

Please visit each organization's page for extra information. (Click on each logo for individual page)

Please contact me directly:

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