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The Genuine Black Belt School

Dedicated Warrior Session

Thursdays 8:00 - 9:30pm




Our Blackbelts are extremely active in all classes and arts at both our headquarters and our Regional Centres.

Many Schools just don't have the ability to support real Black belts who wish to continue to learn.

Being a Black Belt with us does require commitment! If something doesn't challenge it can't change you, therefore you don't grow. Not everyone has the courage, spirit, loyalty and devotion to study our systems - we understand that.

Regardless of rank or age we are all students!

For genuine students, obtaining your Blackbelt is the beginning of a trade and a diverse journey of self discovery. We have the largest active Blackbelt community in any one school. Our Blackbelts are a loyal, dedicated community that guard the intellectual knowledge and perishable skills of our systems which remain strong, surviving societies weaknesses. 

Our Blackbelts lead by example and support all members, knowing that one can't make it to the top on their own.

Here is a perfect example of a wonderful Blackbelt team sharing their passion of the martial arts. We received this from a parent.

The Warrior session is a closed Workshop for Blackbelts of all ranks.

Personal growth is unlimited, lifestyle investment is indescribable. Entry is earned. With dedication and fortitude it is an amazing lifetime of study. 

The only difference between a white belt and a Blackbelt is the Blackbelt just hasn't quit yet! 

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