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❌ Before you make a decision

Out of convenience because of a sales pitch, these school holidays - do your research ❌

🧐 If you are after genuine complete martial arts coaching please come and visit us ASAP.

✅ Enjoy a week of complimentary training, when you mention this message.

✅ We guarantee our teachings

✅ Its life coaching through Martial Arts

✅ Excellent support system for your children s schooling years

✅ We protect their privacy

✅ We provided a quiet, non chaotic, no technology dojo which reduces anxiety and allows kids to grow at their own pace to be themselves

✅ Members genuinely earn their ranks here boosting real world confidence and self-esteem

✅ the diversity of skills taught is second to none by the PIT Crew team that are all invested in your development

✅ We guide all our members to be the best version of themselves and have the knowledge and experience to take them to their potential

✅ Training is real in its application so the tools can be used right through life. Resilience when times are tough - quality with anything takes time - therefore understanding the importance of mental wellness

✅ Our flag points are Spirit Courage Loyalty and Devotion

✅ We have the largest Black belt school in the area, which is a testament to the ongoing teaching and support beyond the rank of Blackbelt

✅ Our system is recognised & certified internationally

✅ 1984

✅ We do take the 'Active Kids Voucher'

✅ Kids unlimited weekly classes for less than $25 per week

✅ Family packages available

✅ It is a wonderful community which creates a great lifestyle

☯️☯️☯️ The PIT Martial Arts, Health & Fitness Centre

Personal Defence Studios

Unit 10/156 Hartley Rd, SMEATON GRANGE NSW 2567

Coaching for Men, Women & Children: Tae Kwon Do - Ju Jitsu- Boxing - Kickboxing - Tai Chi - Karate - Weaponry - Self Defence - Personal Training & more

Home of: Longevity Senior Services 50+ Club - Proactive Health/Fitness, Info & Social

Home of: Parkinson's Wellness Macarthur - Boxing

The PIT Martial Arts Health & Fitness Centre

Facebook: The Pit Martial Arts

Belong Evolve Excel

Regional Centre: Liverpool, Leppington, Warragamba, St Marys, Edensor Park


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