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For more than Fitness

Visit any boxing club or gym and you will see athletes exercising in a similar manner, but with completely different workout goals.  Boxing for fitness and traditional boxing are both effective ways to get in shape, but while the former is designed strictly for fitness, dedication to the latter, a boxing workout provides a unique challenge.

Boxing for more than just fitness provides a vigorous workout full of movement, plus the fine tuning of your boxing skills. Combination of shadowboxing next to a mirror or with a partner, hitting the heavy bag, up-tempo footwork, movement and punches and bag work. Our trainer will closely evaluate your technique as you perform specific drills and provide teaching points. Other elements of a boxing workout include hitting the speed bag, focus pads and double-end bag, sport-specific strength training and plyometrics.

Serious Sparring for those keen

While boxing for fitness class member might cringe at the thought of sparring, boxers build up to this vitally important training exercise. Sparring isn't in a professional gym, a reckless free-for-all; it's a precise way to hone your skills under the watchful eye of a trainer. Many sparring sessions are technical; fighters might only use their left hand or only throw jabs and crosses, for example. Fighters often spar at top speed but reduced power and, as a fight gets closer, the sparring session's intensity will increase to simulate a real bout.

For many it is the only form of self defence they know and if taught correctly it is a skill you will have for life.

🔵Boxing 🔴Kickboxing For those that want more than just fitness! ⏩Be coached & trained. 🔵Mixed Boxing Mon, Tues, Wed 7pm 🔵Kids Boxing Mon 5.30pm 🔵Ladies Only Boxing Mon & Wed 9.30am + Wed 7pm 🔴Mixed Kickboxing Mon & Wed 7.30pm ✅PT's also available Come along for your $10 trial session


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