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I worry for Kids - Time Management

I was having a chat with a high school student who is struggling to fit life in…. many of us know how that feels. As a student who has high standards, likes to please everybody, and do her best everywhere I said to her, if you can’t find 2 hours for personal, selfish wellbeing, then your life has no balance and without balance we find ourselves off course and feeling lousy.

In a nutshell, good solid people grapple with the ‘put me last or later’ decision often, some people, even on a daily basis. (To say ‘NO’ when someone asks for help… etc. is seen as a failure) So, much more could be said here, but simple, you must learn to have respect for yourself.

Have you ever wondered why we say only, 2 hours a week? It is because when you are under the pump, it only takes 2 hours per week to keep that wellbeing wheel in balance in the way we train…have you ever taken noticed of how in control, cleared minded and calmer your life feels, when you have been at training regularly? That is the magic/medicinal effects of complete martial arts. (Absolutely nothing to do with the Instructor, it is purely the vehicle of complete martial arts – not a watered down version) Ask yourself why so many Blackbelts continue to train 20, 30, 40, 50 years…because they get it, they get that it makes life work, that it helps solve hard decisions, helps clear the mind, gives the body and mind an opportunity to operate as one, a chance to touch base with our real self, provides an escape if just for a moment and internally helps to heal the battles and demons we all face in our quietest moments. Tick this box weekly, and just witness

how much more you can achieve, conquer and or get done in your week.

As an Educator/Instructor, I have tried to challenge and questions most things that come my way in life, because if I don’t, I cannot assist or understand other’s hurdles, as they face these challenges. What I can confirm is, that you cannot cheat time, you cannot beat time, you cannot get time back and you cannot put your physical and mental health on hold because you are too busy!

I worry, for high school students that cannot manage their time effectively. If you want good academic results, you need to be physically active… There are many credible reports that prove this. The issue I have with students lacking this life skill, is that this stage in life is ‘just school life’ – these kids haven’t hit the real world yet. Real life is where the pressures of managing time and juggling life are front and centre, we are all aware of that. So now, an individual who hasn’t learn to manage time in their school years, starts to make poor decisions, which then in turn, effects relationship connections and possibly bad choices which would not have been the preferred first option and because we are innate creatures, this then tears away at one’s personal worth and mental wellbeing…not good for anyone, especially long term.

Please note, I am not speaking specifically, I am talking broadly here…you can add in the details to suit the story. So, therefore you will always hear us say, ‘If you can’t find 2 hours per week…….’ It is not a selfish ask on our behalf or for our benefit, it is our genuine care, encouragement and advise. We live in the same world as you. Your personal wellbeing and our ability to assist you to live your best life is our number one concern. We always support and are proud of our members aspirations outside of martial arts.

Wow, I haven’t even talked about grading & ranks etc. that is a bonus, and when those goals are your priority, we are there to travel at your pace with you too.

We have continually mentioned, since exiting the last lockdown, that those who found a way to power on through the last few years would be resilient and find a way to enjoy life as it is, I am not saying life will be easy, but you will manage and you will have the tools to find a way, your martial art community, buddies and training will very much assist keeping you empowered & your mind and body re-charged.


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