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If you don’t challenge yourself...

“If you don’t challenge yourself, you will never realize what you can become.”

P = Professional I = Instructional T =Tuition/Training

We coach and train you. Empower you. Belong, Evolve & Excel in all you do in life!

☯️☯️ The PIT Martial Arts, Health & Fitness Centre

Unit 10/156 Hartley Rd, SMEATON GRANGE NSW 2567

☯️☯️ Personal Defence Studios

Coaching for Men, Women & Children: Fitness - Tae Kwon Do – Japanese Ju Jitsu- Boxing - Kickboxing - Tai Chi – Qigong – Meditation - Karate – Japanese Weaponry - Self Defence – Street Smarts – Stranger Danger – Anti Bullying – Mental Wellness – Teen Gym - 50+ Fitness - Personal Training, Corporate, Schools, Small business groups & more.

Regional Centres at: Edensor Park, Leppington, Moorebank, St Marys & Warragamba


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