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It is such a pleasure...

☯️When you realize nothing is lacking, the whole world belongs to you. ☯️ Lao Tzu

🌞🌝🌈🎡It is a pleasure to provide such a professional venue where we teach and train all generations in a day!

✅Where 3-5yrs can develop gross / fine motor skills, enjoy socialization activities & fundamentals of all martial arts that is safe and fun. Excellent platform all sports.

✅Where Primary age children can be themselves. Grow and develop at their own pace whilst navigating the world more confidently. Excellent network and educational values taught to support their schooling in all aspects.

✅Where Teens can de-stress, empower themselves, and find some calming space to identify who, where and what life might be for them in a supportive community that celebrates face to face communication and a haven from technological interruptions.

✅Where adults can press PAUSE on the world around them, and indulge in some serious multilayered ‘ME’ time that calms the mind, soothes the soul and strengthens the body. Where one’s commitment is invested in true skill development of both the mind and body. It is that off the grid place that answers the questions that no one hears you ask through the practice of proven, legitimate, certified Martial Arts Systems that have a lineage that has stood the test of time.

✅Where our 50+ members can empower their independence & functional fitness through a variety of classes with mature Instructors that understand and can modify to accommodate those aches, pains and tight muscles in a highly social, fun loving Community.

➡️▶️The PIT Crew are a Professional face to face Team who all train and teach, because they want to share what has enriched their lives. The PIT is an environment with calming chi, good solid social values, with the latest scientific research and fitness methods, without compromise, that allows it's member clients to train a life time with always something new to learn and conquer if they so wish!

☯️The PIT Martial Arts, Health & Fitness Centre☯️

Personal Defence Studios

Unit 10/156 Hartley Rd, SMEATON GRANGE NSW 2567

*** We do accept the Active Kids Voucher

Coaching for Men, Women & Children: Tae Kwon Do - Ju Jitsu- Boxing - Kickboxing - Tai Chi - Karate - Weaponry - Self Defence - Personal Training & more

Home of: Longevity Senior Services 50+ Club - Proactive Health/Fitness, Info & Social

Home of: Parkinson's Wellness Macarthur - Boxing

The PIT Martial Arts, Health & Fitness Centre

Facebook: The Pit Martial Arts

Belong Evolve Excel

🔴Other Locations @ Warragamba, Edensor Park, Liverpool, Leppington & St Marys


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