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LSS Timetable expands...

Congratulations to all those who have just completed the first-ever, which was conducted at the PIT- 10 weeks Trial program "Healthy & Active of Life Program' run by NSW Health. Your efforts and feedback have assisted in this program gaining 2 yrs of funding in the hope of assisting more 60yrs+ members of the NSW community to enjoy a more active lifestyle.

Congratulations to the 25+ members who are currently in Our new 6-week 'Longevity Stability, Strength & Safety Program' being conducted at Oran Park R/V. We are up to week 3. We have enjoyed guest speakers from the Council, Police & Driver Safety. We will enjoy another 2 guest speakers tomorrow + of course a cuppa. This is a FREE Program, thanks to the support of Medacta Australia. We have funding for 4 more programs scheduled for 2020. Term 1 Program will be conducted at Wivenhoe R/V. Dates to still be finalized before providing more information.

COTA - 'Strength for Life Program' has now arrived at the PIT and is the only location for the Macarthur. This program is hitting some great home runs in the overall well-being of its participants. As you can see on the timetable, we are scheduled to start the 1st classes on Tues, 12th Nov and another one to follow-on Wed, 27th Nov and 2more in 2020. We will add more classes as the community needs them in 2020. Entry into these classes requires a personal assessment, which takes 45mins per person (Cost: $30). So if you are interested please email me, and we will focuses on organize an appointment ASAP. A great class to start with is our Wednesday, 10:30am Gym Fitness, Balance Group Circuit. It's fun, focuses on both strength & Cardio.

MONDAY MORNING GYM - Due to the increasing numbers into the gym on Monday mornings with Nick, as of the 11/11/19 Nick will open the Casual Social Gym Fitness & Balance Session an hour earlier at 8:30am. Therefore, those that want an early start and don't participate in Tai Chi can enjoy your gym session from 8:30-9:30am and then the second wave of participants can enjoy the gym session 9:30-10:30am. Please pick one or the other time slot as this will help give you all more time on the machines. An addition casual session has been added to the timetable for you to visit the PIT on Tuesday 9:30-10:30am (starting Tue 12/11/19).

If you have any questions please ask the PIT Crew. If you have any other suggested time slots or class options you think need to be added, please let us know. We thank you for your ongoing support and feedback.


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