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Proud & Grateful

Wishing everyone the absolute best in 2021.

We look forward to returning to Classes on Tuesday, 19th January. The PIT Office will open at 4pm & the first class of 2021 is our kids @ 4:30pm.

2020 was an amazing year for the PIT - Personal Defence Studios Community, and it is with a huge thank you to many:

Thank you to our Senior Board of Instructors

Master Falvo

Mr Randell

Mr Maurici

Mr Vuong

Mr Tomic

who help to manage, train, and maintain both our technical & professional standards. Without them, the system would not run as smoothly as it does. They are a dedicated team that has worked together for more than 20 years. They are passionate, with full-time jobs and families of their own, but they never miss a beat when it comes to assisting students on their journey. They are a phenomenal team and we thank you for your guidance and support for all members in 2020. Cheers to lots more exciting adventures in 2021.

Resilience Awards - Congratulations

Mr. K Young🙏

S Travato🙏

R Hill🙏

These 3 young men confirmed the importance of our decision, drive, and commitment to continue face to face training in the carpark earlier in the year when we were down to 1 to 1 training. With the unwavering dedication of Mr. Pettett, Mrs. Fitzpatrick and the Blackbelt team, we completed 90 1/2 hour pt's each week. These 3 amazing students lead from the front never missed a beat and kept us focused on the job at hand when many chose to just stay at home. In uncertain times you just need a reason, and in a system as big as ours these guys were the light and never doubted the PIT Crew for a second.

I would also like to mention Mr. Isaiah Elias. Back in March, I have to say he was pretty unhappy (to put it politely) with the world for the hiccup it had caused to his possible Blackbelt preparations. He couldn't even run to fence (remember the fence everyone???? 🤣🤣🤣) and back again without being out of breath. But with a sound prep plan and some serious determination, his final training sessions had him running to the fence and back 12-15 times during his workout without really raising a heartbeat. He prepared so well in our outdoor dojo that he completed his Blackbelt grading brilliantly and has grown to be a good Blackbelt that many of the Senior Instructors rely on. Well done, your ability to adapt and rise to a challenge will serve you well in life. Thank you Mr. I Elias. 🙏

A humble Thank you to Master Donato, my Instructor for his guidance & mentorship. I am still a student and always will be. If someone told me at the beginning of 2020, that as part of my rank, I would need to manage the mental, emotional & physical wellbeing of so many through such uncertain times and then prepare a number of students 3rd degree, 2nd degree, and first degree + coloured belt promotions in the space of 8 weeks....I might have shot through...... but with care and wisdom that is always second to none, even when I might not understand it at the time, I always come away with greater knowledge and skill to develop wonderful people of all ages, which can only come through experience. 🤩🥳 Thank you Master Donato I don't believe you hear it often enough, just how much you empower us all to always do our very best. 🙏

On a final note, can you just imagine what we CAN all achieve in 2021...... 😉


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