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Stepping On Falls Prevention Program

Stepping On coming to the PIT in May 2019

We have just completed facilitating our 2nd Stepping On Program at Myrtle Cottage with wonderful results. A very enthusiastic group to work with.👏👏👏 As usual we had fantastic Guest Speakers which provided a wealth of knowledge.

Stepping On is an exciting, friendly and free community program aimed at preventing falls, encouraging active living and maintaining independence in older people. This program was developed by Lindy Clemson and Megan Swann and is now implemented statewide by NSW Health. It is considered to be one of the most effective falls prevention programs available and has been shown to reduce participants' risk of falling by 31% (Clemson et al 2004).

Stepping On is a 7-week program and gives individuals the skills and confidence to undertake their everyday activities and be physically active safely and without the fear of falling. Participants attend weekly two-hour group sessions, during which they learn about strength and balance exercises, safe footwear, medication management, vision, nutrition, moving safely in the community and reducing hazards in the home environment. After completing the program, participants are provided with individualised follow-up and may attend a booster session 2 months later.

The Stepping On program is suitable for anyone who is: ✔️65 years and over ✔️Living at home in NSW ✔️Able to walk independently (with or without a walking stick) ✔️Fearful of falling or has had a fall recently ❌This program is not suitable for people with dementia or progressive neuromuscular conditions.

Looking forward to the Stepping Program @ ☯️the PIT☯️ starting in May


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