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Posture Strength Flexibilty

NEW & IMPROVED FLEXICORE: The aim is to improve flexibility, strength and create a balance in the body. It is a combination of breathing exercises, physical postures, and meditation exercise approach using body mechanics, torso and pelvic stabilization, coordinated breathing, and muscle contractions to promote a strengthening of the abdominal core and better balance. Attention is paid to the entire musculoskeletal system using modified movements for individuals (Eg. for those that can not get down on the floor, or have knee /back issues) to promote supple, less achy muscles in class with fun, laughs and variety, appropriate for 50+. Pilate's style routines, functional flexibility exercises with a touch of Tai Chi, Qigong that can be repeated at home. Commences Tues, 7th MAY Cost: 15 or $8 (50+)


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