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Strangulation, The Dangers...

While abuse can include frequent, violent attacks, abuse can also include monitoring your phone, restricting access to finances, controlling who you spend time with and many other behaviours that aren’t physical at all. However, one of the most serious and deadly forms of abuse is physical, but many survivors are still hesitant to label strangulation or “choking” as abusive.

Because strangulation can be very serious, symptoms of strangulation can include:

a sore throat difficulty swallowing

neck pain


bruising on the neck or behind your ears

discoloration on your tongue

ringing in your ears

bloodshot eyes


memory loss


nausea or vomiting

difficulty breathing


a seizure

a miscarriage

changes in mood or personality like agitation or aggression

changes in sleep patterns

changes in vision such as blurriness or seeing double

fainted or lost consciousness

It’s possible to experience strangulation and show no symptoms at first but die weeks later because of brain damage due to lack of oxygen and other internal injuries.

REMEMBER: No one ever has the right to touch or grab you around the throat!!

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