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The Memoirs of Master Nick Donato: My Journey As an Aussie Martial Artist

A candid, thought-provoking, and honest memoir of the journey, trials, and tribulations experienced by an individual driven by the desire to improve his life and follow his dream of imparting the true essence, values, and benefits of the study of martial arts and combat industry he has spent his entire life investigating and passing onto others to improve their lives as well.

No matter what walk of life you come from or the position you hold in life, this book will have many lessons and experiences we have all had to deal with over our lifetime.

Master Nick Donato is a full-time professional martial arts instructor with over 55 years of experience. Born in the Southern Suburbs of Sydney, Australia, he has traveled to many parts of Asia and America, teaching, testing, and studying the arts. He has been fortunate to be introduced to and spent time with many of the most respected and revered leaders in the martial arts and movie industry. He has been inducted into many martial arts halls of honour and recognized as a representative of reputable global organizations. This bio book will take the reader through the decades of his life and experiences.


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