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The Real Deal

☯️When you need something in life that offers substance, can guarantee its lessons for life, is evidence-based, client-focused, community-minded and has provided the very best the Martial Arts and Fitness Industry has to offer in mind and body wellness since 1984. P.rofessional I.nstructional T.uition 🔴Qualified & Certified Instructors with years of experience 🔴A legitimate, genuine lineage 🔴Leads with spirit, courage, loyalty & devotion 🔴Empowers it’s clients by not succumbing to the latest fad or social craze 🔴Teaching the skills in their

entirety because we have the knowledge to do so, yet still research and study for the best outcomes for all. 🔴The PIT Community is for all ages, men, women & children Come along for a trial session when you are ready

☯️Personal Defence Studios - The PIT☯️ Unit 10/156 Hartley Rd, SMEATON GRANGE NSW 2567 E: Facebook: The Pit Martial Arts Belong Evolve Excel ✅Martial Arts ✅Self Defence ✅Tae Kwon Do ✅Karate ✅Kickboxing ✅Boxing ✅Ju Jitsu ✅Japanese Weaponry ✅Tai Chi ✅Flexicore ✅Personal Training ✅Health & Fitness ✅50+ Longevity Club Other Locations @ Warragamba, Edensor Park, Liverpool, Leppington & St Marys


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