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Wednesday Evenings 7-8pm $10 per session pay as you go.

Come along with your best friends, enjoy a light workout, followed by a mindfulness wellbeing session that finishing off with a meditation. Re-energize, relax & reboot your happiness…

As high as 42% of Year 12 students suffer from high-level anxiety or stress, and many suffer from depression. It’s no secret that Year 12 can be a huge source of anxiety. Students can struggle to keep up with the intense workload and can put added pressure on themselves to achieve a high result.

Know that:

>Sleep is your (best) friend

>Study in 20-minute intervals

>Say it and think things out loud

>Breaks are good, constant distractions are bad

>Feed your brain

>Water your brain

>Exercise is essential

>Stress is okay

Pick up more tips and tricks in these school holiday sessions.

Let us help you with:

>>Increased production of neurochemicals that promote brain cell repair

>>Improved memory

>>Longer attention span

>>Better decision-making

>>Prompts growth new nerve cells and blood vessels

>>Improved ability to multi-task and plan

Be coached as well as trained AND seen - This training is all about you regardless of your fitness.

>Come along whenever you are ready.

>Please arrive 15mins before class to complete a health questionnaire form. Arriving late may mean doing your trial class next time.

>Wear comfy clothes to move around in (no buttons, zippers or jewelry), and we train in bare feet.

>Bring a drink bottle filled with water with you, and we will look after the rest.

>Under 18yrs, a parent/guardian will need to complete a health questionnaire form for you the first time you visit.

*We are a tech-free training centre for the peace of mind and privacy of our members; therefore, no phone or tech use is allowed in the Office or PIT dojo.

*We are keen to coach and train, not just entertain!

We have been teaching & coaching the Macarthur Community since 1984

😀we look forward to meeting you.


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